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Baby Safe Pro Infant Protective Wrap

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Baby Safe Pro Infant Protective Wrap 

Fits infants 3 mos to 3 yrs old. Positive air pressure keeps contaminates out.
Reliable & easy to use, this is the system used by Israel and called the Shmartaf.

The Baby Safe consists of a hood, backboard & powered air purifying system designed for young children 3 mos to 3 years of age. A specially designed filter with low breathing resistance is connected to a powered blower which pushes air through the canister, creating positive air pressure within the hood. This is the safest & most practical way to protect an infant as the positive pressure prevents leakage through any gaps that may exist. The parent can also feed the infant using the included bottle without compromising the suit’s protective seal.



Technical Data
Weight: 1550 gr.
Power Supply: 4 lithium MnO2 batteries, size 2/3 A.
Operating Voltage: 2.7 volts.
Air Flow: 45 lt/min.
Operating Time (without replacing batteries): 14 hours.
Shelf-life: 10 years.
Resistance to liquid mustard penetration: over 6 hours.



The Shmartaf consists of a head and body covering made of strong impermeable and transparent plastic laminate, which allows unobscured view of the infant. Assembled in the cover are two strong and secure plastic zippers for quick and easy positioning, or removal of the infant; an integrated feeding nipple (a feeding bottle is supplied with the system); a flexible rubber hose for directing the filtered air into the protector; and a support system consisting of a soft comfortable cushioning material on a rigid plastic “carrier”.

Also incorporated is a brightly colored strap system for safely securing and carrying the infant.
The Shmartaf is supplied in a uniquely designed highly protective plastic packing case.

Positive pressure is maintained by a compact and reliable air supply unit, which draws in ambient air delivering it through the filter canister into the protector. The unit consists of a durable polycarbonate housing enclosing a highly efficient miniature blower, four lithium MnO2 batteries, and specially designed filter canister adaptor. 
 * Although these Gas Masks and Filters have never been used, 1STARMY.COM acts as a distributor and can not be held responsible for the level of protection these Gas Masks and Filters provide. The Gas Masks and Filters are sold as is.*

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