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What is a Doomsday Prepper?

One who prepares their lives to survive through various catastrophes such as earthquake, flood, fire, fuel shortages, economic collapse, terrorist attacks, electromagnetic pulse, pandemics & war, by means of surplus and stockpile short and long terms necessities. One major component of doomsday preparedness is food storage. Food storage often sought after is preferably long shelf life foods and water storage.

Like we talk about in our Food Storage for Dummies section, there are three main things you want to make sure you have when putting together your food storage: Food, clean water, and a heat source.

Emergency Food

With food, make sure you not only pick a package that fits your food storage profile, but also make sure you have the accessories such as utensils, plates, cups, and garbage bags for clean up. Honestly, just go down to your local big-box store and buy the cheapest items available.

Clean Water

Katadyn Water FilterWith water, we recommend you find a water source and a way to filtrate it. The best filters in our opinion are ones made by Katadyn. Katadyn employs standard pricing across all of its resellers, so feel free to find one like the Katadyn Pocket filter online at a place such as emergencyessentials.com. If you have the space, we also recommend buying a 55-gallon water drum. 50 Gallon Water DrumJust remember, daily average water use in the US is about 70 gallons. In an emergency you would be much more judicious. However, the point remains that there is no way you can store enough water to survive a long-term emergency. You need a water filter.

Heat Source

You are going to need a heat source if you want to cook your food and stay warm in the winter. In the past, most of these products contained a petroleum jelly that was extremely hazardous and could not be shipped via air. Today there are better products. The very best of these is the InstaFire brand Emergency Fuel. This Emergency Fuel is a patented blend of volcanic rock, wood pellets, and paraffin wax. You can get the best price by going right to the instafire.com website. Click here.

Stove in a canAnother good choice is the Stove in a Can product, which you can get at Foodinsurance.com. Click here.


There are companies that will sell you anything from bomb shelters to backpacks. We don’t review any of those products now but do plan on having a more robust emergency supplies review in the future

How to become a Prepper:

In case of an emergency, ensure that you have a secure food supply, shelter, first aid supplies, protection and water storage. Doomsday Prepping is not something that requires you to go out and get everything all in one day. Pace yourself, get the things you absolutely need and then work on your wants. Something even an expert survivalist does not consider is your mental state after an event. Consider adding a pack of playing cards or games or some other way of entertaining yourself until conditions improve.

While some people may be extreme in their measures, everyone has their right to procure and amount of supplies sufficient for their wants and needs. Emergency preparedness in general is a common practice and a wise and economical way to be self-sufficient in the case of one of the examples used above or many.


5 Things You Don’t Know about Doomsday Preppers

Season 2 of Doomsday Preppers aired on Nation Geographic Channel last night, and we’re all about it. Now, if you aren’t much of a prepper yourself (which we assume you are, right?) then the whole ‘Doomsday Prepper‘ concept might seem a little odd and extreme. However, it’s likely that there are a lot of things you don’t know about these preppers that might just change your mind.

1. They’re completely sane. There are tons of great reasons to plan and prepare once you start looking. Natural or man-made disasters, war, epidemics or a bad economy. When a prepper identifies these threats (among many others) they decide to plan for the worst. They prepare so that no matter what the future holds, it will not be able to beat them. Independence and safety are very American concepts, and can only be secured through proper planning and preparation.

2. They’re worried about you. Preppers are a cautious people, who understand the importance of self reliance and that by being more independent, society as a whole gains a safeguard against disaster. Look at the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, for example. When the storm hit, people who expected immediate and attentive assistance from the government were neglected and thousands still live darkness, wishing they’d planned better.

3. Preppers are normal people. Not only are Doomsday Prepper’s sane, their also normal. They have a sense of humor and live life to the fullest. They understand preparing for tomorrow is important, and so is living for today.

4. They want to spread the word. The preppers who go on TV don’t do it to win popularity, they do it to encourage the rest of the population to prepare. It’s about getting everyone ready and revealing threats others might not have considered, and showing them a few ways to safeguard their own survival. Preppers simply want to teach people how to protect themselves and why the should.

5. They don’t know what the future holds. Preppers have theories, they recognize threats and see the world for what it is, but they usually don’t presume to know what will become of these things. Only that they want to be prepared, come what may or may not.

The popular documentary series Doomsday Preppers has featured our products in the past while demonstrating various methods of preparing for a crisis. These preppers are people like you and me, just trying to survive the uncertain future. If you aren’t one already, start prepping now. Start with the basics: heat, water and emergency food.

How Prepared are You? Take the survey and find out your Prepper score.

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