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Humless Sentinel

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The Humless Sentinel is a silent, clean, safe, and portable lithium based silent generator.

The Humless Sentinel can be charged from a regular AC wall outlet, or it can capture and store energy from solar panels, a hand crank, windmill or almost any other 12VDC power source.

The Humless Sentinel stores the captured power in a state of the art Lithium Battery pack to be taken with you and used whenever or where ever you might need it.

The Humless Roadrunner has two 110VAC outlets, two 12VDC outlet and four USB outlets to allow you to easily power whatever appliances you need without the need for any inverters or adapters.

Whether you need to power a fridge, laptop computer, lights during an emergency or power outage, or whether you want to watch TV in the woods, the Humless Sentinel will give you the power when you need it.

With the whole package weighing in at 40 lbs, it's portable enough to take wherever you want to go. Without any noise, gas or harmful emissions, the Humless Sentinel provides power on demand that is quiet and safe enough to use inside your home, car or even your tent.

Capturing power with or using power from your Humless Sentinel couldn't be easier- just plug it in and switch it on!

With a 10 year battery shelf life and a rating of over 2,000 charges, the Humless Sentinel can be counted on when you need it most.

With a lithium battery pack that can sit for over a year without needing to be charged (we recommend charging once every 6 months), the Humless Sentinel will store well in your closet and always be ready to power your appliances when you need them most.

Technical Details

  • 50Ah Lithium Battery provides 600Wh of power using DC
  • Battery rating: 2,000 complete charge/discharge cycles
  • Battery shelf-life 10 Years
  • Battery charge time 2.5hrs (from a fully discharged battery-pack)
  • Integrated 20A smart-charger with PWM high efficiency charging
  • 1000W Continuous / 2000W peak 120VAC Output (Pure Sine Wave)
  • Integrated battery protection / charge control module
  • Dual fusing for maximum overload and short circuit protection
  • USB 2 x 5 V @ 500 mA / 2 x 5V @ 2100mA
  • Outputs:

  • (2) 110VAC outlet; (2) 12VDC Outlet; (4) USB Outlets
  • Inputs:

  • (1) Universal input for 12VDC charging; (2) DC socket inputs;
  • (1) Socket for AC charge chord (100-240VAC)
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