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Desert Boots Chicago from 1st Army Supply in Lombard, IL

Desert boots are available from 1st Army Supply. Located in the Chicago area, 1st Army Supply provides military surplus, dog tags, military clothing and more to military personnel, hunters, campers and others looking for quality army surplus gear. Desert boots are a critical military personnel item that have tremendous use during wartime and non-war time events, such as training camp. Hunters commonly require quality desert boots when going out for a weekend hunting trip or people wear them for protection purposes in different environments where local creatures not always take kindly to your presence. For example, desert boots may offer you a much needed protection for your feet in order to skirt by the fangs of a Southwestern Rattlesnake (such as the feared Western Diamondback Rattlesnake) that may be lurking in desert environments waiting to strike as you pass through to set up your campsite for your outdoor adventure.1st Army’s theme of desert boots Chicago means a unique lineup of desert boots made out of some of the highest quality materials.

When the U.S. invaded Iraq initially back in the early 90’s, desert boots were a necessity. “Operation Desert Storm”, as it came to be known, required land troops and a display of air power to ward off Iraq and their invasion of Kuwait. After a long settling down period, 9/11 came bringing a new kind of war never witnessed before, and the constant fear of terror attacks plagued Americans and their psychological mind frame day and night to the point of crazed obsession. Desert boots for Chicago began to sell quickly from 1st Army, along with other Army surplus Chicago items as a symbol of American pride and to honor those that were killed on 9/11. Chicago desert boots also are popular collectible items. After 9/11, Iraq was seen as part of the problem so the job was finished off by overthrowing the government and capturing Saddam Hussein who was put on trial and hanged by his own people for his crimes. Desert boots for this second invasion played an even more critical role as troops stayed over in Iraq for numerous years, and many are still there today waiting for their turn to finally come home with their worn out desert boots that show the scars of time, war, sacrifice and honor.

1st Army Supply not only has the theme of desert boots Chicago gaining popularity among Chicagoland residents, but we are an Army surplus Chicago store that carries a huge selection of military surplus Chicago items. We welcome all Illinois and nationwide customers, and also enjoys doing business with our international customer base. We can ship your desert boots overseas (international shipping is always available), and we also do APO/AE address shipping. Our stylish desert boots are not the only “hot” item we sell here at 1st Army Supply, your desert boots Chicago headquarters, but other 1st Army products include a Multicam Headwear OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern), a Multicam Hydration OCP, Airmen battle uniforms and gear, commando sweaters, Navy and Marpat Uniforms along with field gear, military outerwear, powerfilm solar chargers, dog tags, Homeland Security and Public Safety outfits and products, G.I. jewelry, knives, women and children’s military clothing, new products, clothing package deals and plenty of other cool accessories including stuff under our desert boots Chicago category.

Here at customer service comes first. Our professionals will be more than happy to show you around the store and guide you towards any specific outfit or product you are seeking. Desert boots come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, and choosing the right pair of desert boots can sometimes be challenging depending on what you are requiring them for after your final purchase with 1st Army Supply, a Desert Boots Chicago store where Army surplus materials are stocked in abundance for diversity and choice among our customers. Feel free to look over our website news, view awesome pictures of our troops or contact us regarding our specials. 1st Army Supply, where the whimsical theme of desert boots Chicago has multiple meanings for different people, is ready to assist you with your order and let you share in our pride and honor we put forth toward our military heroes and our loyal customers everyday.

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