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Dog Tags Chicago from 1st Army Supply in Lombard, IL

Dog tags are available from 1st Army Supply, which sells military dog tags, army surplus items, military clothing, desert boots and a wide range of other items to people looking for quality military gear for their next hunting or camping expedition. 1st Army Supply, located in Lombard, Illinois, is a Chicagoland Army surplus store that carries military surplus products and innovative supplies. Dog tags are just one of the items sold here at 1st Army, and you can customize your dog tag with our dog tags Chicago theme that allows you to create your own personal insignia on dog tags. We are proud to do business with the entire Chicagoland region and greater state of Illinois. 1st Army Supply also welcomes all national and international customers, and you will be pleased to know that we do overseas shipping for your convenience and APO/AE address shipping. Dog tags can be thought of as a theme here at, and our professionals ensure customer satisfaction and quality Army surplus products including Multicam Unit Patches OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern), Multicam Headwear OCP, A-Tacs Uniforms & Field Gear, Army Combat Uniforms & Tactical Gear, Commando sweaters, combat boots, desert boots, military clothing and even unique knives used for survival situations, hunting or just for collection purposes. Our dog tags Chicago theme denotes personal pride. Maybe you were once a military veteran or knew someone that was killed in action. Sadly, troops killed in the field of battle only have their dog tags for identification purposes, and these dog tags are sent home to the family as a remembrance and honor to someone that gave their life for a just cause.

Numerous dog tags are designed out of durable metal that withstand nature’s elements. Corrosion-resistant metals or metal alloys like stainless steel or aluminum are commonly used. However, dog tags can be designed from just about any kind of metal when war breaks out, and no-one is particularly picky during war as long as dog tags are made. Dog tags, a theme from 1st Army Supply, not only honors our current and fallen troops, but we invite you to share in showing your national pride for your country by purchasing your own customized dog tag. The history of dog tags can be seen in every war, but we will just touch on a few interesting facts here. During the American Civil War, (1861-1865) soldiers actually pinned notes on the back of their uniforms with their name and addresses written on them in case they went down in battle. World War I dog tags saw the British Army designed dog tags out of fiber (one would be a red color and the other was green) and dangled from the wearer’s neck. After World War II, dog tags were utilized by the US Navy Department, and all dog tags, including dog tags Chicago versions were of one size and shape. Besides being used in the military, dog tags have become a popular fashion accessory. dog tags Chicago is a theme from 1st Army Supply that is happy to customize a dog tag for you. Maybe you want your name inscribed, a favorite quote or the name of your favorite band or cartoon character.

Custom dog tags are what makes the theme of dog tags Chicago so unique. 1st Army recognizes the augmenting popularity of military surplus Chicago dog tags, and many musicians, especially rappers, wear dog tags to accompany their fashion appeal. Personalized dog tags means you can come to 1st Army Supply and customize your dog tag with a text or personal message. Of course there are still many people that buy dog tags not for fashion but as a symbol of national pride and a tribute to our fallen heroes that fought for our freedom. Contact 1st Army Supply ( with any questions about our dog tags Chicago theme or other Army surplus Chicago products such as paracords, camping,boots,military clothing,womens clothing,kids clothing & outdoor gear, camouflage nets & paint and numerous other new products we offer here at your Chicagoland dog tag Army surplus store.

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