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Military Clothing Chicago from 1st Army Supply in Lombard, IL

Quality military clothing is available from Chicago-based 1st Army Supply for your next hunting or camping trip. We carry a wide range of army surplus items including desert boots, dog tags, multicam head gear and other military clothing items. You don’t have to be in the Army or a military personnel member in order to wear military clothes. Although commonly associated with military training routines and overseas operations, military clothes are not only a formality for military purposes, but they are also popular apparel items among the general public. 1st Army Supply has the theme of military clothes Chicago in place to promote our sale of military clothes for all ages and sizes. Do your kids like to play dress up or are looking for a cool Halloween costume? Well, even though boys mostly prefer military clothes, there are also girls that like to dress up in these kinds of outfits for fun, and you don’t have to spend tons of money on an expensive costume that will only be used once a year. Military clothes can transform your young “go-getter” into a battle-prone fighter or a mature looking figure amongst other trick-or-treaters. You can even throw in an American Flag for them to carry to complete the picture. 1st Army has military apparel, along with women and children’s military clothing. Whether you are buying military clothes for Halloween or because your kids want to play guns after school and have a cool outfit to disguise themselves from their “foes”, in Lombard, Illinois is your military clothes Chicago headquarters.

Not only does 1st Army Supply sell an excellent lineup of military clothes, but we also carry numerous other military related products. We have dog tags, combat boots, desert boots, tactical and sniper gear, Airmen battle uniforms and gear, A-Tacs uniforms & field gear, Multicam H20 Parka & Field Jackets, Multicam Unit Patches OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern), paracords, knives, accessories and tons of new items for your convenience. As our theme of military clothes Chicago continues to spread all around the “Windy City” and greater Chicagoland area, we are seeing more customers come to 1st Army Supply to purchase the right kind of military surplus and Army surplus products. Our website,, is also taking donations for Toys for Tots. Your much needed donation gives wonderful toys to needy children, and that is something that makes our hearts and your heart content with rapture. 1st Army welcomes all Chicagoland and Illinois residents, but our business does not stop here. All out-of-state and nationwide customers are welcome, and 1st Army even does business with international customers looking for military surplus products and military clothing. We are proud to do overseas shipping and APO/AE address shipping. Military clothes Chicago means an outstanding selection of military clothes here at 1st Army and some great deals, as well.

1st Army Supply is your main base for military clothes Chicago apparel wear. Our store is constantly receiving new products, and we have military and Army surplus products for just about everything. Going on a camping trip and require camping supplies? We have camping and outdoor gear that will suit all your requirements. We carry canvas water buckets, camelback hydration systems, canteens and covers, sleeping bags and blankets, cots, stools and lights and even tents just in case yours is a bit worn and torn and is time for a new one. Throw in some military clothes for your camping trip and now you and your family are ready for a fun weekend getaway out in the woods where melting marshmallows and camp side fires along with ghostly tales from the past make for fun memories and lots of laughter! Military clothes Chicago from 1st Army Supply is available for everyone. Please contact us with any questions, and feel free to inquire about our specials or view pictures online of our troops. Also, we invite you to read over our history and catch up with the latest news we have online. Military clothes Chicago denotes an awesome lineup of military clothes for you and others from 1st Army Supply. So what are you waiting on? Come to 1st Army today or call us with your online order and one of our friendly professionals will be glad to help with your military clothes Chicago request.

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