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Military Surplus Chicago from 1st Army Supply in Lombard, IL

Military surplus gear from Chicago-based 1st Army Supply includes a wide range of army surplus items such as desert boots, dog tags, military clothing, A-Tacs uniform and field gear, multicam head gear, and much more. Going hunting or camping? Look no further! If you're a Chicago resident, we invite you to stop by our Lombard, IL military surplus store, which caries an enormous in-house stock of military gear such as commando sweaters that are not only stylish but will keep you warm during Chicago’s cold winter months & challenge coins, which are perfect for collecting and augmenting your cherished military surplus collection. If you don't live in the Chicagoland area though, you can make an online purchase from anywhere in the world at our 1st Army Supply Online store,, and our professionals will be happy to do business with you. We offer international shipping for your convenience on all Army surplus items and military surplus Chicago products. Our troops symbolize the pride and dedication that these fighters give to us in order to preserve our freedom. 1st Army honors all our American troops currently engaged in overseas military operations and to all the troops that have fallen from past wars. Military surplus Chicago products are a tribute to our troops, and now you can own your own military surplus items whether you want them for collection purposes, outdoor adventure, emergency situations or as gifts to give to friends, family or military personnel that have served our country.

1st Army, a military surplus Chicago store, recognizes that World War II was one of the worst wars for America even though other battles throughout time had their pain and misery. However, the Second World War denoted a time when it was a pure situation of good vs. evil. It was a time when millions of Jews were murdered at the hands of a lunatic with technologically advanced military surplus products. Germany’s military surplus had come a long way since their defeat in World War I, and “Lightening War” (also known as the Blitzkrieg) was a military surplus innovation involving well-built planes, tanks, artillery products and fast paced ground troops to go along with their military surplus inventions. It resulted in a fierce military battle plan (unlike the monotonous trench warfare of WWI) that was ruthless and rapid, overtaking territories quickly that had less advanced military surplus supplies. 1st Army Supply, a military surplus Chicago venue, recognizes that the Blitzkrieg destroyed Poland, some of Czechoslovakia, Holland, most of London and even many towns and cities in Russia along with other parts of Europe. Adolf Hitler ruled Nazi Germany with an iron fist, and Japan was dominating the entire Pacific, while Italy was causing problems in Northern Africa with its advanced military surplus products.

It was a dangerous time when ruthless dictators came together to fight against democracy and freedom, and military surplus Chicago products had to be mass produced in the U.S. quickly in order to fight back. In Germany’s case, this war was basically revenge. The Treaty of Versailles and its harsh punishments from World War I blamed Germany for the war, took land away and filled the German people with hatred. The result was the rise of the most evil dictator known to man: Adolf Hitler. Hitler himself, a World War I fighter who was injured, had plans after WWI to pave “a thousand year” Third Reich where Germany would rule the world and use its military surplus innovations to dominate and create fear. If it was not for America’s military surplus products and military surplus Chicago products along with innovative tank development (the M4 Sherman tank, which was not as powerful as Germany’s Tiger tank, but mass production of the M4 Sherman beat out Germany’s slower production) and the will of the American people after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Nazi Germany and militant Japan might have ruled the world today with its incredible military surplus technology they developed back then. In fact, it was rumored that a third Japanese wave was supposed to penetrate into the U.S. mainland toward Chicago during the Pearl Harbor invasion. This never happened by God’s grace along with Japan’s fear of waking “a sleeping giant” with advanced military surplus inventions and military surplus Chicago creations that would come back to haunt them as they had feared. 1st Army Supply honors our troops, and you can view unique 1st Army photos on our website that shows our troop dedication., a military surplus Chicago store, has a cool lineup of accessories, knives, camouflage nets and paints, camping and outdoor gear and numerous other Army surplus Chicago products that denote national pride and honor our current and past troops.

1st Army Supply is where you will find military surplus products at good prices. Be sure to ask about our specials and our new products that we have available. You might also be interested in our package deals on military surplus Chicago items, and if you like to fly airplanes, we have airmen battle uniform & gear available. Some products include an ABU Uniform Boot, Restricted Field Gear Items, ABU Bags Packs & Field Gear and even Official Air Force PT Gear. 1st Army Supply, a military surplus Chicago store, does APO/AE address shipping, and as mentioned, we also ship military surplus items overseas. Contact us with any questions you have about our military surplus Chicago products, and be sure to look over the news on our website for interesting information about things you might not have known about.

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